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That has changed. Even if African Americans were given equal rights and opportunities starting now, the racial differential would remain.

Socialism and Black liberation

We understand that a substantive commitment to reparations is needed to mitigate the brutal inequalities that have been passed down from generation to generation, in order to ensure the necessary resources for full and equal development. The intensity, strategy, and timing of the black liberation movement cannot rely on the unity and readiness of all of the components of the multinational movement we strive to build.

The ultimate form of self-determination is secession, which is a right of oppressed nations around the world.

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They have historical roots in those areas for years. After the US military annexation of these territories in the s, the Chicano-Mexicano people were forged into a new nation: neither part of the Anglo European dominated united states, nor part of the developing Mexican Nation. As an oppressed nation, the Chicano Mexicano people have the right of self-determination, that is, the right to freely and without coercion to decide their national future-whether to federate with the US as an autonomous region, to become an independent state, or even to reunite with Mexico.

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Like preceding generations, they suffer horrendous income and wealthy inequality compared to whites, are segregated into the poorest housing and poorest schools, suffer environmental racism, and consistent and brutal repression by police and racist groups and individuals. They are unable to freely and without social, economic, and political penalty speak their language and express their culture. Millions of the undocumented members of this population suffer extreme super-exploitation as workers and repression at the hands of the US border patrol and US immigration agencies-millions have been deported, families separated, children incarcerated, and the economic fabric of communities totally ruined.

In addition, racist immigration and naturalization policies severely limited their numbers. These are national minorities, wanting the same thing as European immigrants: the opportunity to live better lives. This demonstrates that the U. Early in US history, for instance, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and South Asian immigrants were specifically excluded from citizenship and Chinese women were denied entry completely, except as prostitutes , consigned to being perpetual foreigners.

In the 19th century, immigrants from Asia were barred from entry to the US beginning in with the Chinese Exclusion Act. For those reasons, the population of Asians remained small until the Immigration and Nationality Act of which finally allowed entry from countries other than Europe.

Asians are still a largely immigrant population, with class differences between different nationalities; organizations are still mostly nationality specific, and pan-Asian organizations are still few. Facing racism, state animus and violence, in communities with majority populations of a Asian nationality, we work for self-determination, meaning local control over resources, development, and culture.

Wherever Asians live, we support demands for freedom from violence and surveillance, and for equal economic and social opportunities. Immigration from Central America increased significantly after , with many fleeing from poverty and political persecution; the U. The exploitation of Latino labor is essential to profits not only in farming, but in the hospitality industry, the garment industry, and in caregiving and domestic jobs.

For all Latinos, with all the roadblocks on the way to citizenship — the border is only the first roadblock — it is impossible to gain a toehold in the economy. Civil rights organizations have reported cases of state surveillance of mosques and state coercion of Muslims to become FBI informants and retaliation if they refuse. Anti-refugee sentiment for Syrians and other Muslims has been inflamed by right-wing politicians. We support accepting Muslim refugees and the inclusion of all Muslims into U. We recognize three strata: first, a small percentage of white workers who are class-conscious fighters; second, the overwhelming majority who passively acquiesce to the system of white privilege; and third, a small percentage who actively seek to extend white privilege.

Where workers of color are union members, white leaders have still failed to include them in a meaningful way; that is, failing to fight to open up all jobs to workers of all races and ethnicities. For example, if all workers in a hotel get the same percentage raise, but workers of color remain in the lower paid jobs at the back of the house, that does not build a unified multinational workforce.

Winning white workers to put class politics over race is essential to the socialist project, and there is forward motion. However, most of the class division within a racialized or ethnic group of color is a contradiction among the people, not between the people and the enemy.

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Black capitalists, for example, have themselves had to fight for entry into the white capitalist club and golf course! Similar strata exist in other communities of color as well. Neoliberal leadership- including by Black and Brown faces in high places- will often stand on the wrong side of struggles around gentrification, privatization, organized labor, and police violence. They may be allies in struggles against the crude racism of the New Confederacy, but will not be reliable strategic allies of the black working class.

Defending Black and Brown working class interests will at times mean intense conflict with the Democratic Party. Developing grassroots leadership and workplace, community, and electoral organization among working class people of color to clarify differences with leadership loyal to white capital- regardless of Party- is a vital task of the left. African American and immigrant workers in lower sector jobs — agriculture, fast food, hotel and restaurant, home care workers — most of whom are women and other oppressed gender people, are taking the lead in new labor struggles.

Their victories improve the wages and working conditions of all workers, and strengthen the working class. Worker and union organizing must include addressing the incarcerated population. Just as white workers take out their frustrations on people of color, men of all races often target oppressed gender people for their rage. Police brutality is suffered by people of color of all genders, with trans people getting the worst treatment.

As is true everywhere, women not only work both in and outside the home, they are left to figure out how they and their children can survive with men often removed from their homes and communities. As we fight for reparative justice for communities of color, we must specifically address the greater hardships placed on oppressed gender people. That does not lessen our dedication to ending gender oppression, or to embracing Intersectionality, which recognizes the inter-connectedness of different systems of oppression.

Black Socialists of America and DSA-LSC Present: A Panel on COINTELPRO

In any situation, race is not always the primary factor. Gender oppression is a central element of the working-class struggle and of the movements of peoples of color in the US. There can be no true liberation or socialism without ending patriarchy and gender inequality. We oppose the policies of the U.

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